GM Marty
Season 4

S04E08 – A Brush with Death, part 2

Tensions are on the rise at Lan Arcanym School for the Arts as some high profile students have gone missing — both from campus and from any paintings they appeared in. Former High Guard officers (now unpaid High Guard “consultants”) Alo Seda and Illyn Brownfeet must solve the case quietly. But that may prove difficult, as they’ve been forced to team up with inventor Wilroth “Click” Gnarin to field test his latest crime-investigating gadget. Will this clunking machine help them find the missing students before their parents (or wealthy donors) notice? Will they restore honor to (and their jobs in) the High Guard?

Guest star Devon Kelley! (@GamersPlane) as Wilroth “Click” Gnarin
Marty (@schmarty)
Clara (@alo_seda1)
Scott (@geowtf)

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