Capes in the Dark text appears over a waving black cape which divides a bright castle in sunlight from a darkened city skyline at night.

Capes in the Dark

Near the top of Radio Peak sits the most prestigious boarding school you’ve never heard of: l’Academie du Monde. It overlooks Atom Ridge, a struggling city that survives on the tourism of wealthy hunters seeking "unique" wildlife, and prospectors desperate to cash in on the newest clean energy gold rush: Beryllium-8.

It might seem a strange place for a school like the academy, but rumors say some of the students are quite unusual. Mutants, maybe, with strange and unexplained powers. Kept hidden from the world and from each other.

This is a story about four such students: Bernie, Frankie, Ira, and Teddy. Individually, they are talented, curious, and powerful. Together, they’re something even greater: the Yearbook Committee.

Capes in the Dark is a hack of Mutants in the Night by Orion D. Black.

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