Headshots of characters including a unicorn, a halfling, a dog, a human, an orc, and a gnome. Lawful and Orderly

S04E06 - Change of Heart, part 2

December 20, 2019 42:22 Season 4 Guest GM Clara

“Very wealthy” and “legitimate” businessman Blahmie Wizdeau wants everything to go perfectly as he prepares to propose to his love Scota. With his usual butler and right-hand man Frunko falling down on the job, he hires former High Guard officers Illyn Brownfeet and Aaron Twillson along with Love Counselor Jam E. Dojhur to help him seal the deal — and stay alive!

Guest star MeganBob! (@Meganbobness) from the Smash Fiction Podcast as Jam E. Dojhur
Clara (@alo_seda1)
Scott (@geowtf)
Marty (@schmarty)