Headshots of characters including a unicorn, a halfling, a dog, a human, an orc, and a gnome. Lawful and Orderly

S04E02 - Dead Giveaway, part 2

October 25, 2019 1:09:46 Season 4 Guest GM Andrew

Season 4 continues. The celebrity wedding of Natalia Portmanteau and Modèle has the city of Lan Arcanym in a boil! Thankfully, young ranger Cora Tealeaf and her mothers — the most expert tea ceremony mistresses in the city — are serving up a brew that is sure to soothe the wedding goers. Unfortunately, Cora brought an unexpected ingredient into the mix: former High Guard officers Illyn, Bark (the dog), and Aaron, on the case to stop a murder before it happens!

Guest star Senda! (@IdellaMithlynnd) as Cora Tealeaf
Andrew (@thatonegm)
Scott (@geowtf)
Marty (@schmarty)