Headshots of characters including a unicorn, a halfling, a dog, a human, an orc, and a gnome. Lawful and Orderly

S02E10P2 – The Last Word, part 2

March 30, 2018 58:34 Season 2 GM Marty

In part two of this season 2 finale of Lawful & Orderly, officers Sparx, Seda, Pavlovitskivich, Brownfeet, and Bark are outnumbered and outgunned. They find unlikely allies while the fate of Lan Arcanym and the life of everyone’s favorite Nowsayer—Skip Skyseeker—hangs in the balance.

This episode features:

Scott (@geowtf)
Andrew (@thatonegm)
Marty (@schmarty)
Jeffrey (@atl_spielberg)
Clara (@alo_seda1)