Headshots of characters including a unicorn, a halfling, a dog, a human, an orc, and a gnome. Lawful and Orderly

S01E06 – Shot through the Heart (part 1)

For these High Guard officers, this case is close to their hearts.

February 13, 2017 53:06 Season 1 GM Scott

This is part one of episode six of season one of Lawful & Orderly: Special Visions Unit. This episode features Scott Brown (as the GM), Jeffrey Copeland (as Shannon Sparx), Marty McGuire (as Aaron “Tweet” Twillson), and Andrew J. Young (as Mikhail Pavlovitskivich).

Officers Sparx and Twillson investigate a murder, while Officer Pavlovitskivich spends more time attempting to correct a long-forgotten procedural mistake.